There are many insurance companies that include home treatment in the policy specifically designed for the corona virus. Under this, if a kovid patient is being treated at home, then the expenses incurred on it can be claimed.

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In the second wave of Corona virus, increasing number of insurance companies are also making various changes in their policy. Customers now have the option of a standalone cover to a health insurance policy, which can cover everything related to their health. The cost of getting a Kovid Insurance cover includes hospitalization, medication, treatment, and investigation. There are some such insurance covers as well, which include the cost of treatment, consultation, medicine, etc. at the home of the Kovi patient.

But still not all insurance companies are providing this facility. Explain that at home treatment under standard plans like standard protector and corona armor is included in it.

How to report for treatment at home

Experts tell that if a person is Kovid-19 positive and they are being treated at home, then they should inform the insurance company about this. Normally the insurance company will pay all the expenses until the patient’s Kovid report is negative. If a person does not know about this policy, then they must take the help of insurance company or broker.

Take these important considerations before taking a policy

But it should also be noted that if a person has taken a non-covid policy and it does not cover the treatment while staying at home, then the policyholder cannot claim it.

In such a situation, looking at the current situation, experts say that you should choose the same policy in which treatment of Kovid can be covered or covered at the expense of patient care at home. Also, while taking the policy, all the small and big things related to it should be known.

These expenses are not included in the Kovid-19 policy

The Kovid-19 insurance policy does not cover non-identified Qorantin centers, hospitalization without a doctor’s suggestion, or any illness prior to the waiting period. Apart from this, there are many such things which are not included in the Kovid-19 Insurance Policy. Different insurance companies have their own terms in it.

Such expenditure includes PPE kits, nitrile gloves, transparent glass, N-95 mask, shoe covers and face shield. Also included are tissue paper, crepe bandages, gowns, foot covers, slippers, disposable gloves, sheets, syringes and masks.

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