• 3 lakh donkeys grew in Pakistan during Imran Khan’s tenure
  • Pakistan has made an agreement to send 80 thousand donkeys to China every year
  • Pakistan is earning money by selling donkeys, there is no increase in other animals

in Pakistan Imran Khan The number of donkeys has increased by one lakh every year during the last three years of the U.S. The great thing is that during this time the growth rate of other animals in Pakistan has been almost constant. After adding these three lakh new donkeys, the total population of this animal in Pakistan has reached 56 lakhs. With this, Pakistan has retained the distinction of being the world’s third largest country in the population of donkeys.

The population of all other animals is stable for 13 years.
The Economic Survey 2020-21 has shown that the donkey is the only animal in Pakistan whose population is increasing at the rate of 100,000 every year since 2001-2002. Also the population growth of other animals including camel, horse and mule has been steady for the last 13 years. Earlier, during the five years of the PML(N) and PPP government, the population of donkeys had increased by 4 lakh.

Agreement to send 80 thousand donkeys to China every year
Let us tell you that according to an agreement, Pakistan sends 80 thousand donkeys to China every year. Which are used for meat and many other things. Its skins are used in many ways in China. Many types of medicines are also made from gelatin extracted from the skin.

Many Chinese companies have invested
Let us tell you that many Chinese companies have invested millions of dollars for the business of donkeys in Pakistan. Pakistan is the country with the third largest population of donkeys in the world. According to the breed of donkeys in Pakistan, their prices are fixed.

Economic Survey of Pakistan: One lakh donkeys increased in 2019-20, preparing to send 80 thousand to China
Pak making profit from donkeys
According to reports, the skin of a donkey in Pakistan is worth 15 to 20 thousand Pakistani rupees. Pakistan is also earning a lot of profit by selling it. Not only this, separate hospitals have also been built in Pakistan for the treatment of donkeys.



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