• US President Joe Biden has said that America is doing a lot for India
  • At the same time, India is also sending materials and oxygen to make Kovid 19 vaccine.
  • Joe Biden said on Tuesday that he had spoken to the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

New York
US President Joe Biden has said that the US is doing a lot for India, as well as sending materials and oxygen to make the Kovid 19 vaccine. Biden said on Tuesday that he had spoken to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and ‘what they need most is the material and the parts of the machines that are capable of making the vaccine, we are sending them to India’.

Referring to the ingredients required to make the vaccines, he said, ‘We are sending them a lot of precursors (Shagun)’. He said that America is also sending oxygen, which has decreased in the country due to the revival of Kovid 19. He said, “We are helping India a lot.” Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken, when the US was facing a deep crisis last year, while accepting aid from India, said that now the US is sending aid to India.

‘India came early to help us in our hour of need’
Blinken told Financial Express that India had come early to help us in our hour of need, when we were having a real struggle with Kovid 19, for example millions and millions, providing protective masks. We remember everything, and now we are determined to do everything we can to help. He said, ‘What I have actually seen is a wonderful mobilization not only of the Government of the United States, but also of our private sector and of the Indian Americans. I was on a call with almost every leading CEO about a week ago. Everybody wants to help and our government is coordinating those efforts. So we are doing everything that we can. ‘

Biden spokeswoman Jane Saki, who has assisted India to aid, said the US government is sending material to make 20 million of the AstraZeneca (Covishield) vaccine, which has been ordered. These materials have been ordered on a priority basis to implement the Defense Production Act to supply companies under contract to manufacture vaccines for this.

‘300 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine not needed’
The US does not need the 300 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine that it had contracted because Modern, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines have an adequate supply. He said the total value of the Kovid 19 Aided would be more than $ 100 million. Pasaki said six airplanes funded by the US Agency for International Development with oxygen and oxygen supplies, N95 masks, rapid diagnostic tests, drugs and components requested by the Government of India had already been dispatched.



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