• America’s hypersonic missile program suffered a major setback, big test failed
  • Alta fast hypersonic missile to be fired from Boeing B-52 aircraft
  • Amid growing tension with Russia-China, America is making missile 20 times faster than sound

US Air Force New Hypersonic missile The program has received a major setback. Actually during testing us Air Force The Alta fast hypersonic missile being built for failed. The missile was flown from Edwards Airforce Base in California Boeing B-52 Stratofortress The bomber was to be fired from the aircraft.

Aircraft could not fire missile
As reported by CNN, on Monday, the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress bomber aircraft flew to fire the first booster test vehicle under the AGM-183A air-launched rapid response weapon (ARRW) program. The missile could not be released from the aircraft during this testing to be done at the Point Mugu Sea range. After which a successful landing of the aircraft was done.

US missile program suffered a major setback
Failure of the test of this missile is being described as a major setback for America. The United States is currently in the race to manufacture hypersonic weapons amid growing tensions with China and Russia. These missiles are designed to fly at such a high speed that they can destroy enemy air defense zones, airplanes and airfields in a blink of an eye.

America will test the missile again
Brigadier General Heath Collins, executive officer of the US Army Armament Directorate Program, stated that the ARRW program has been growing rapidly since its inception. Through this program we have also acquired many important capabilities. However, this launching has also not been a disappointment for us as it has provided us with invaluable information to learn and move forward. This is why we test.

Preparations for making missiles flying 20 times faster than voice
This new missile is called AGM-183A Air-Launched Rapid Response Weapon (ARRW). There is a possibility that it may be commissioned in the Airforce in the next few times. The test was aimed at demonstrating the capability of the missile to achieve hypersonic speed. The Pentagon is working on building a missile that is 20 times faster than the voice through this missile.

US-NATO tensions, Russia tainted world’s deadliest cruise missile Zircon
America is threatened by China’s DF-17 missile
The US is threatened by China’s DF-17 hypersonic missile. For this reason, he is trying to upgrade his missile defense technology. This hypersonic missile specializes in long range precision targeting. In such a situation, if China attacks, then the US will have to make strong arrangements to protect its base in Guam or Japan. China’s DF-17 missile can penetrate its target at hypersonic speeds up to 2500 km away.

Russia again tainted world’s deadliest hypersonic missile, speed is 9888 kmph
What are hypersonic missiles
A hypersonic missile can fly at least five times faster than the speed of sound (1235 km / h). Such missiles have a minimum speed of 6174 km / h. These missiles are equipped with features of both cruise and ballistic missiles. This missile goes out of the Earth’s orbit after launching. After which it targets the target. Radars are also unable to catch them due to the high speed.

Why a hypersonic missile is considered dangerous
Common missiles follow ballistic trajectories. This means that their paths can be easily tracked. This gives the enemy an opportunity to prepare and counter attack, while the hypersonic weapon system does not run on a fixed path. For this reason, the enemy will never guess what his path is. The speed is so fast that the target will not even know. That is, the air defense system will fill the water ahead of it.



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