The rising cases of corona virus in India have now put the entire world under stress. In view of the increasing cases of Corona virus, New Zealand has banned the arrival of Indians temporarily. This ban is going to go into effect from 11 April and will be effective till 28 April. New Zealand Prime Minister Jesinda Adorn announced this on Thursday.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand has also banned the citizens of his country from coming to India. PM Jasinda said that in view of the increasing cases of Corona virus in India, all types of travelers coming from India have been banned. With the increase in corona virus cases in India, now the worldwide supply of vaccine is also facing a crisis.

Announcement of delay in getting nine crore doses from Indian vaccine manufacturer
The United Nations-backed program has announced a delay in getting nine crore doses of supplies from an Indian vaccine manufacturer, a major setback to the supply of ambitious vaccines to low-and middle-income countries to fight the epidemic. The vaccine alliance ‘Gavi’ said on Thursday that the delay could be due to a spurt in cases of corona virus infection in India, which would increase domestic demand at the Serum Institute of India there. CII is an important vaccine-producing institution under the Kovacs program.

Gavi said the move would affect the 40 million doses of Oxford-AstraZeneca being made by the Serum Institute, which was to be supplied to Kovacs this month. Also it was expected to get 50 million vaccines next month. Gavi said that it has informed the countries receiving supplies. Gavi said the institute has been approached to supply vaccines to 64 countries and the UN-backed program has ‘informed all affected countries about the possible delay’.



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