Two divers from the US state of Florida have been handed a precious treasure of 11 thousand years old. Actually, these Gotokhors have got a bone of four feet long and weighing about 23 kg of a mammoth (ancient elephant). It is likely that this mammoth bone dates back to the ice age. These divers landed in a local river. The divers have been identified as Derek Demeter and Henry Sadler.

Derek and Henry found this mammoth bone at the bottom of the Peace River. Henry shared the picture of this bone on Instagram, saying that the opportunity to make such a discovery comes only once in life. He said, ‘I am very lucky that tomorrow I have got a once-in-a-lifetime life. This picture is of the leg bone of a Colombian mammoth. This bone is not as rare as other things but it is still an incredible discovery. ‘

Mammoth immigrated to North America 10 million years ago

Henry said that this bone has suffered very little damage and has turned into a good fossil. As soon as Henry shared this picture, his followers’ commentary fence came up. One user wrote this is very cool. Another user wrote, ‘This is huge. This is a great discovery. ‘ During this expedition, divers also found the teeth of an ancient tiger.

Mammoth was the ancestor of today’s elephants who first came to North America about one million years ago. These mammoths disappeared about 11 thousand years ago. Colombian mammals were the largest of their kind, growing up to 14 feet high. These mammoths were equal to the weight of 5 cars. His teeth were also very large. In the past, many mammoth fossils have been found in many parts of the world.



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