Mummies found in Egypt contain many secrets inside themselves. At times, slowly their secrets are revealed. Scientists in Poland found something similar when they discovered that the mummy, believed to be a Priest, was actually that of a pregnant woman. To the surprise of these scientists who made the first discovery of their kind under the Warsaw Mummy Project, there was no surprise. The team has been working on the ancient Egyptian mummies since 2015. When Mami’s stomach showed a small leg inside the scan, he understood what his hands were up to.

It is believed that the priest

Archaeologist Marjana Ozarek-Jilk of the University of Warsaw and her colleagues are preparing to publish this research. She told the state news agency PAP, “With her husband Stanislaw we looked at the pictures and saw a small leg in her stomach.” Project co-founder Wohtek Emond told CNN that Mami was brought to Poland in 1826. It was then believed to be that of a woman, but in the 1920s it was found to have the Egyptian priest’s name written on it.

..Then found out is a pregnant woman

During the research, without the help of computer tomography, it was confirmed that it was a woman’s mummy because it did not have a private part of men. Long-curly hair and breasts were confirmed in 3D imaging. He said that when the woman died, she must have been 20 to 30 years old and the fetus was 26-30 weeks old. How he died has not been revealed yet and further investigation will be needed to know this.

Questions standing

A big puzzle in front of the experts is how the embryo remained inside the woman till now? The organs of the deceased were removed to make mummy, so why was the embryo not removed. It is believed that there may be some religious reason behind this. Emond has raised the possibility that he may think that the unborn child does not have a soul and will be safe in the next world or that the woman’s body may have been at risk of harm in her removal.

So why was the priest’s name written above?

It is also a question of why the priest’s name was written on Mami. In response, the possibility has been raised that the woman’s mummy may have been kept in it after stealing the clergy’s coffin. There have been many cases of doing this before. The coffins of the rich and eminent also contained valuable things and were also stolen. The coffin was also stolen for reuse. According to Emond, about 10% of mummies are in the wrong coffin. (Warsaw Mummy Project)



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