• Former CIA director James Woolsey has made a big claim about aliens in the world
  • James said that one of his friend’s plane had stopped at a height of 40 thousand feet
  • He hoped that if aliens exist in space, we will be able to befriend him

James Woolsey, former director of the US intelligence agency CIA, has made a big claim about aliens in the world. James said that he had previously suspected the existence of aliens but had to change his mind when one of his friends stopped at a height of 40,000 feet. He hoped that if aliens are present, we can befriend him.

The former CIA director first spoke openly about the possibilities of aliens and told the story of his friend’s aircraft suddenly stopping at a height of 40,000 feet. He hoped that if aliens ever made contact, humanity would be able to ‘friendship’ with the aliens. James has been a CIA director from 1993 to 1995.
Sky Ganga may be home to dead aliens, fell prey to its own science: research
‘Aircraft abruptly stopped at altitude of 40 thousand feet’
In an interview on YouTube, James explained his new book Operation Dragon. During this conversation, he said that in the last several years, he has heard about many mysterious things in the air. It has talked about such things as aircrafts. He said that such reports were not always true to me but there was an incident in which one of my friend’s aircraft suddenly stopped at an altitude of 40 thousand feet and was not able to fly like a normal aircraft.

He said, ‘What is happening, I do not know. does anybody know?’ Earlier, several former CIA directors also pointed to the possibility of aliens. Not only this, Ham Ished, the head of Israel’s former space security program, claimed that there are aliens in the universe and they also have contact with America and Israel. Not only this, the outgoing President of America, Donald Trump knows this very well.

‘Running an underground base on Mars’

Ished also claimed that the presence of the aliens has been kept hidden for now because humanity is not yet ready for it. Ham Ished, who has handled Israel’s space security program for nearly 30 years, said a ‘galactic federation’ has been created that is running an underground base on Mars under a secret agreement with the US.



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