• French Rafale and Mirage 2000 fighter aircraft test nuclear attack capability
  • Both fighters fired nuclear missiles at French Air Force’s Operation Poker
  • France is also strengthening its defense capability amid increasing tension in Europe

In the midst of war in Europe, France has also stepped up its war preparations. Joined the French Airforce on Wednesday Rafael And Mirage 2000 Fighter aircraft have shown their strength once again by firing nuclear missiles as a maneuver. In fact, these days tensions are at a peak due to the mobilization of Russian troops on the Ukraine border. On the other hand, angry with the arrival of American bombers in Norway, Russia has deployed its navy’s northern fleet.

France executes ‘Operation Poker’
The operation has been carried out by the Nuclear Deterrent Force of the French Air Force. France conducts 4 operations every year under the name of Operation Poker to test its nuclear attack capability. These maneuvers are mostly done at night. During which the French Air Force tests the second strike capability in response to the nuclear attack on it.

50 fighter aircraft took part in the operation
The French Air Force reported that a total of 50 fighter jets took part in this exercise on Wednesday night. These fighters flew from different airbases in France and joined Operation Poker. This included the AWACS E-3S and Mirage 2000 fighter aircraft in addition to the Rafale, WC-135 and A330 MRTT aircraft.

Operation finished in 5 to 6 hours
In a total of 6 to 7 hours of operation, French fighter jets flew over the Mediterranean Sea and fired nuclear weapons at the Testing Range in central France. French media reports state that during this period some fighter aircraft also played the role of being enemy aircraft. In addition, French fighters also practiced penetrating into the enemy’s air defense zone.

Russian naval warship fired caliber cruise missile in Japan Sea, world in panic watching video
France is testing weapons on a large scale
Rafale fighter jets deployed in the French Air Force and Navy have been equipped with nuclear air launched cruise missiles (ASMPA) since 2009 and 2010. France has been extensively testing weapons in recent times to improve the capability of its missiles. MBDA is also pushing for the creation of new medium energy thermonuclear charged missiles (ASN4G).

French company making deadly nuclear missile
MBDA will replace ASMPA after developing ASN4G in the coming days. ASN4G cannot be stopped by any currently existing missile defense system in the world. Its firepower and range are also high due to air launch. In such a situation, if Rafale fighter aircraft is equipped with this missile, it will increase the strategic power of France.



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