Mexico city
In Mexico’s capital, Mexico City, 23 people were buried under debris after a pillar of a metro bridge collapsed on Monday night. At the time of this accident, several bogias of the metro train passing over the bridge got stuck in the air. It is being told that at least 70 people have been injured in this accident, many of whom are in critical condition.

Debris still being removed from the accident site
Emergency and rescuers who arrived at the scene immediately after the accident started the work of evacuating people trapped under the debris. The debris is still being removed with the help of a crane at the scene. Emergency and rescue workers are searching for the stranded people near the wreckage. Many people traveling in the metro are also reported to be hurt, though this could not be confirmed.

Mayor said – condition of many injured is critical
Mexico City Mayor Claudia Shinboum said 49 of the injured have been hospitalized and seven of them are in critical condition, undergoing surgery. Shinboum said a motorist had been safely ejected from the scene, which was stuck on the side of the road. Many rescuers are searching under the rubble.

The accident occurred due to the fall of the pillar of the metro bridge
The mayor said that the accident occurred due to the collapse of the pillar of the bridge. A portion of the bridge collapsed on the road after the pole collapsed, leaving several cars under the debris. He feared that some people may also be trapped inside the metro route. They said that we do not know whether they are alive or not. Unfortunately, there are children among those who died, although they did not give detailed information about this.

Many questions have been raised on the construction of the metro line
The accident occurred around 10:30 pm local time. Mexico’s Foreign Minister Marcello Eberard tweeted that a very traumatic event had taken place. Some videos of the incident have also surfaced in which a part of the train is seen damaged and rescuers are seen evacuating people from the rubble. The accident occurred on Metro Line-12. There were allegations of several irregularities in the construction of this line.



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