Washington / Mumbai
An Indian engineer and his wife have been found dead in their home in the US. Neighbors saw their four-year-old daughter crying alone in the balcony, after which her death was traced. Family sources gave this information on Friday. Balaji Bharat Rudrawar (32) and his wife Aarti Balaji Rudrawar (30) were found dead in their home in New Jersey on Wednesday.

His neighbors saw the girl crying and informed the local police, after which the police entered her house. Balaji’s father Bharat Rudwar said that the local police informed him of the incident on Thursday. The cause of death is not yet known. US police said they would share the postmortem report. Several US media reports claimed that both of them died in the knife.

Rudrawar said, ‘My daughter-in-law was seven months pregnant. We went to his house and were planning to go to America again. I do not know the reason behind the death. They were happy and their neighbors were also good. ‘ “US officials told me that after the necessary formalities, it would take at least eight to 10 days for the bodies to reach India,” he said.

Rudrawar said, ‘My granddaughter is now with a friend of my son. He had many friends in the local Indian community. ‘ New Jersey has more than 60 percent of the Indian population. Balaji Rudrawar, an IT professional from Ambajogai in Beed district in Maharashtra, went to the US in August 2015 with his wife. They were married in December 2014. His father is a businessman.



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