Marjorie Taylor Green called a fellow member of Congress and a veteran of the Iraq war, Ruben Gallego, a “coward” in a public Twitter spat that started over the weekend and continued on Tuesday.

Ms greene wrote that Mr Gallego, a Democrat representing Arizona’s 7th Congressional District, was “dumb” and a “coward” for referring to the Capitol riot in January – carried out by Donald trump supporters.

Mr gallego wrote on Sunday that he “was trying to figure what type of pen to stab your friends with if they overran us on the floor of the House of Representatives while trying to conduct a democratic transition of power. So please shut your seditious, Qanon loving mouth when it comes to who loves America. “

The congressman’s criticism followed a tweet by Ms Greene, a Republican for Georgia’s 14th Congressional District, calling the Democratic party “the enemy within” and its agenda “destructive and America Last”.

Mr Gallego called out Ms Greene for supporting former president Trump and false claims of election fraud before the insurrection of the Capitol as members of Congress voted to solidify Joe Biden’s electoral victory.

She wrote on Tuesday of the Democrat: “I didn’t even know about your dumb tweet until Newsweek’s fake news piece but I guess this is how you get attention.”

The congresswoman continued: “While you were hiding with your little pen, brave Republican men were helping police hold the door, so that ALL of us could get out safely. Coward. “

Mr Gallego followed by writing that “to complain about someone getting attention is laughable.”

“There were many heroes in the House of Representatives that day, I don’t have to prove myself,” said Mr Gallego. “There were also many insurrectionist trying to destroy Democracy those breaking in and you.”

“I would tweet back and forth with you but I have 2 committee assignments and a bill of mine is being marked. That we means it’s passing out of committee. (But you wouldn’t know about that). ”

Ms Greene, a freshman in Congress, is frequently controversial and was removed from committee assignments in February for comments about race, conspiracy theories, and other incendiary comments before running for office.

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