The US Space Agency NASA’s Perseverance Rover is sending images from the surface of Mars. A photo recently surfaced which was taken after the Rover parted from the helicopter Ingenuity. On seeing this picture, many people, especially on social media, felt that a rainbow appeared in it. However, it does not rain on Mars, so how does rainbow form?

what is this?
In a Forbes report, Marshall Sheppard has been associated with NASA’s Mars program, and quoted Lockheed Martin Commercial Civil Space Advanced Programs Chief Technologist Lisa May as saying that there is no rain on Mars but snow is found on the poles. The upper atmosphere of Mars consists of clouds made of steam and water-ice. At the same time, Dave Lavari from NASA Headquarters has told Marshall, ‘This is not a rainbow. This is the reflection inside the camera lens.

How did it happen?
He told that just like any other camera system has Lens Flare, the same has happened here. They reported that the rover is north of the helicopter. So when this picture was taken, according to the time of Mars, at two in the afternoon the camera would be looking south. In such a situation, it is normal to have such lights in the camera. Lavari is the program executive of Solar Systems Exploration.

NASA JPL shared photo

NASA JPL shared photo



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