There is a big revelation about 40 women caught without clothes in the balcony of a Dubai apartment. These women were shooting porn movies by breaking the Islamic laws. He was accompanied by a Russian photographer. It is being told that these people were preparing pornographic videos. All the girls were arrested after the video of the incident went viral. They will now be deported to Ukraine.

Dubai Attorney General Isam Issa has announced that these girls will now be sent back to their country. Authorities in Ukraine and Russia have confirmed that their citizens have been detained. It is being told that there was a shooting going on in this paint house for an Israeli porn website. This website is based on an adult website in the United States. Meanwhile, many girls have claimed that they were lied to and brought to this photoshoot.
Women in Dubai have to do expensive stunts in clothes without balcony, arrest
These women were arrested on charges of stunting in the balcony of the penthouse without clothes. It is being told that while these women were doing a stunt in the balcony in the Marina area of ​​the city, during this time, a person from the neighborhood made a video of the women. Around 12 women were involved in these incidents and they were arrested by the police. Police said the behavior of this group of women was ‘unacceptable’ and does not reflect the values ​​and ethics of the UAE. According to Dubai law, women who have been arrested can face up to 6 months in jail and a fine of up to Rs 1 lakh.

Kissing in public in dubai

Not only this, if someone shares this nude video on social media, then they too may have to get stuck in the wrap of the law. According to UAE law, sharing of obscene material is a punishable offense. Dubai police issued a statement saying that a criminal case has been registered against the arrested women. These women have been arrested and sent to jail for further action.

The Dubai Police has also warned other people for this indecent behavior. The case of the arrest of these women has come at a time when kissing and drinking in public in Dubai can lead a person to jail. Explain that Sharia law is in force in Dubai and according to this, obscene behavior in public is a punishable offense.



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