• In Brazil, the nurse devised a brilliant idea to ensure that the corona patient does not feel lonely
  • The nurse tied two glasses together and filled them with light hot water and placed them on the hands of the patient.
  • This was similar to the way a patient feels heat upon touching a human being.

In Brazil, a nurse in Brazil who suffers from the havoc of the Corona virus, does not feel lonely, for this, a nurse came up with a very good idea which is being highly praised. The nurse tied the two glasses together and filled them with light hot water. Put it on the hands of that patient. This was similar to the way a patient feels heat upon touching someone.

In this way, the human being felt without touching the patient. This wonderful work of the nurse is being highly praised on social media. This picture of the nurse has been tweeted by Sadiq Sameer, who is associated with Gulf News and so far 1,200 people have retweeted it. He said that this picture narrates the heart-rending picture of the world battling Corona.

‘Brazil faces biological Fukushima tragedy like Japan’
Earlier, Brazilian top health experts have warned that Brazil, like Japan, is facing a biological Fukushima tragedy with a new strain of Corona virus coming out every week. A one-day record of deaths broke in Brazil on Tuesday and 4,195 people lost their lives. It is estimated that by the month of July only six lakh people will die in the country.

Miguel Nicolais, who led the Corona virus fighting team in the north-eastern part of the country until February, said Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is facing the biggest humanitarian tragedy in the country’s history. He told the BBC, ‘It is like a nuclear reactor in which a chain reaction has started and it is out of control. It is like a biological Fukushima tragedy. ‘

‘It cannot be controlled on the whole earth’

Miguel was referring to the accident in the Japanese nuclear reactor after the horrific tsunami in 2011. He said that I understand that Brazil is not only the epicenter of this epidemic worldwide, it is a threat to the efforts of the international community to control the epidemic on the whole earth. The health expert said that if the corona virus is not controlled in Brazil, it cannot be controlled on the whole earth.



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