Two sisters in Ohio have turned themselves in after a video emerged of them appearing to shoot at homeless people out of a car window with a BB gun.

On 8 June, Brittany Hopper, 29, and Kelsey Hopper, 28, surrendered themselves to the Cincinnati Police Department. According to Fox 19, they stand accused of three counts of assault. Police believe another person, a man, was in the car as well. He has not been identified by law enforcement. It currently unknown if he is facing any charges.

The two women came forward after footage of one of the incidents was released and shared on Twitter, which asked for help in identifying and finding the culprits on June. The incident is believed to have taken place on 3 June.

“In the early morning hours of June 3rd, the people seen in this video targeted homeless people throughout OTR by shooting them with a BB gun. This specific incident occurred at 1615 Republic Street. The car is a light colored 4 – door sedan with a dark hood,” the tweet read.

In the video, which is without sound, a car is seen pulling up next to the sidewalk, where two people are sitting. One of sisters aims what appears to be a BB gun out of the passenger side of the car and begins shooting at the two men unprovoked. After lingering near the men for about 30 seconds, the two women appear to begin to drive off. However, they reverse back after someone, a man, appears in the frame to talk to them. Their conversation is inaudible.

The women came forward after appeals from the police, who published photos of the two sisters after members of the community helped the authorities.

“We are hopeful that Brittany and Kelsey Hopper do the right thing and turn themselves into District One (310 Ezzard Charles Dr.) Thank you again for helping us ID those responsible in last week’s incredibly senseless crimes,” the police posted on Twitter.

Their car, which was left abandoned and covered in spray paint, was taken and compounded.

Before they turned themselves in at the police station, their grandmother Linda Barker appealed for them to do the right thing and come forward, in an interview to WLWT.

“I don’t know where they’re at. I don’t know where their babies are at. I don’t know nothing where they’re at. This stuff has gotten me a nervous wreck,” she said, and told the outlet they both had children.

Ms Barker continued, “They need to pay for what they did. They really do. Because they wouldn’t like nobody doing that to their family.”

The Cincinatti Police Department are requesting any victims of BB gun violence on 3 June to come forward.

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