• After deploying Russia’s tanks on Ukraine’s eastern border, there is a danger of war in Europe.
  • Meanwhile, America is also ready to give a befitting reply to the Russian challenge.
  • The US is going to deploy its warship in the Black Sea to show support with Ukraine

After Russia deployed large-scale tanks and warships on Ukraine’s eastern border, there is now a danger of war in Europe. Meanwhile, the US is also gearing up to respond to the Russian challenge. It is being told that the US is considering deploying its warship to the Black Sea in the next few weeks to show full support with Ukraine.

CNN was quoted by US officials as saying that the US Navy periodically patrols the Black Sea, but that the deployment of warships there would give Biden a direct message to Russian President Putin. Biden will try to show that the United States is directly watching the entire matter. In order to enter the Black Sea, the US Navy will have to give notice 14 days in advance.
The world watching the video of Russian army tanks moving towards Ukraine, threat of war raged
The US Navy is constantly flying surveillance over the Black Sea
According to a treaty in 1936, Turkey has control over the sea route to enter the Black Sea. It is not yet clear whether the US Navy has given notice to Turkey. US defense officials have said that the Navy is constantly flying surveillance over international territory in the Black Sea to monitor Russian naval activities and any military activity in Crimea.

Earlier on Wednesday, two bombers of the US Navy flew over the sea of ​​Aegean. However, the US still does not consider the deployment of Russian weapons to be offensive. The defense officer said, “If something changes, we are fully prepared for retaliation.” Let me tell you that the whole world is shocked to see the video of the Russian army moving towards the border of Ukraine with armored vehicles, tanks and a large number of military equipment.
French Rafale and Mirage 2000 fighter jets fired nuclear missiles, is Europe heading towards war?
A cargo ship laden with military weapons arrived in Ukraine from America
This time the number is so much that despite the harvesting season, the tractor and other agricultural implements of the farmers, trains have also been deployed by the military. Many videos of trains and trucks carrying Russian military equipment are going viral on social media. Recently, a cargo ship loaded with military weapons from the US reached Ukraine. In which many types of vehicles and other accessories were full. Russia is already teased with increasing proximity to Ukraine and the United States.



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