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2 hours ago

India is facing the second major wave of Corona. The situation is not good even in all the countries of the world. Experts are currently considering vaccine as the strongest way to stop the epidemic. But on this, the world seems to be divided into two parts.

On the one hand there are countries which do not own the Corona vaccine, on the other hand there are countries where there are many types of vaccines, but the people there are not taking much interest in getting them.

In many countries, the government and private companies are offering a variety of attractive offers to motivate people. These include offers ranging from free food in restaurants to free beer in beer parlors and cheap liquor to cannabis in bars.

In China, a dual strategy is being adopted, where the government and companies are offering many types of offers to get the vaccine, while the mandatory vaccination order has been heard in some cities. At the same time, in a city of Henan province, the local government has threatened to snatch the children from education and home, along with the warning of expulsion of those not vaccinated. So let us know what kind of offers are being made to get vaccinated in the world…

Threats in many cities of China with coercion

The rate of vaccination in the world is very low, only 9 doses per 100 people have been achieved so far.

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