Cape Town
South Africa When two fishermen in Cape Town went fishing in Falls Bay, they did not know that one sight after another would pass in front of them. Cade Tame and his brother Devon were on their feet and were going to the bait for fishing, but then they saw some movement in the sea about a mile away and moved towards it.

Here he was surprised to see that hundreds of dolphins were circling some fish by making them a superpod to eat. These dolphins used to eat dives in the swirling waters around these fish. However, the two brothers remained stunned when three humpback wells also arrived there. This well came out from the midst of the dolphin that was circling.

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Cade explained that there must have been at least a thousand dolphins there. There were many more dolphins at some distance. When the two superpods came together, it was understood that they had actually trapped a group of fish. He told that there was so much movement in the water due to eating dolphin dives that his 18-foot boat started moving. There was so much foam in the sea that it changed from blue to white. However, there was going to be more ahead of it.

Suddenly a humpback well came and two more followed him. Cade told that both the dolphin and the well continued to eat fish for about half an hour and then slowly started to move. Usually 20 to 50 dolphins form a school and when hunting have to make superpods. Superpods can have up to 10,000 dolphins.



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