Egypt included in the seven ancient wonders of the world Pyramids of Giza Looks much clearer than the space. Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi tweeted a beautiful photo of Giza’s pyramid on May 1 from the International Space Station. After this, his post is becoming very viral. Social media users are calling it the best picture of Giza’s pyramid. In the photo, this pyramid is visible in a part of the city of Giza.

Tweet photo of last day of living in space
The great thing is that Soichi Noguchi tweeted this picture on the last day of his stay at the International Space Station. He returned to Earth on Sunday after spending 345 days in space. Since seeing this picture, a large number of people have wished this Japanese astronaut a successful landing on Earth.

These astronauts returned to Earth on 2 May
Noguchi, along with his crew, left for Earth on Sunday, 2 May at 8 pm. Along with Noguchi, NASA’s Shannon Walker, Victor Glover and Mike Hopkins also return to Earth. On Sunday, NASA had given information about the return of these astronauts to Earth by tweeting. These astronauts returned to Earth riding in SpaceX’s crew dragon.

Noguchi was the only Japanese astronaut in the crew
NASA reported that the Crew Dragon capsule landed at sea near Panama City in the US at 2.55 am local time. Apart from NASA astronauts, Noguchi was the only foreigner from the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). The astronauts traveled about 114,653,205 kilometers during their stay in the orbit for 168 days. Noguchi’s space mission was launched on November 15, 2020 from Florida, USA. According to NASA, the crew members contributed to hundreds of scientific investigations and technology.

Egypt: old theory ‘rubbish’ on Great Giza pyramid, expert told the truth of construction
The Giza Pyramid is one of the seven wonders of the world
The Pyramid of Giza is one of the ancient seven wonders of the world. It is believed that it took 20 years to build this huge pyramid. It was built for Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu. The pyramid weighs about 6 million tons and has 23 million stones. This pyramid was built around 2560 BC. It is the highest structure in the world for 3 800 years.



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