“Legal Blunder: Trump’s Lawyers’ ‘Awful’ Filing Ripped Apart by Criminal Law Expert, Sparks Viral Outrage”


In a legal move that has sparked intense scrutiny, lawyers representing former President Donald Trump recently filed a motion to dismiss charges against their client, citing alleged vindictive prosecutorial bias by special counsel Jack Smith.

However, their attempt to evade charges has been called into question by Carissa Byrne Hessick, a renowned criminal law professor at the University of North Carolina, whose scathing analysis of the filing has gone viral.

Hessick, after meticulously dissecting the filing, took to Twitter to express her astonishment, labeling it “quite awful” and predicting its imminent failure. In her series of tweets, she highlighted the rarity of successfully challenging prosecutors’ charging decisions, given the substantial deference courts generally afford them.

One of the most egregious errors noted by Hessick was the misrepresentation of legal precedents. Trump’s legal team cited past cases as examples of successful dismissals based on selective prosecution, but Hessick pointed out a critical flaw: “None of the cases they cite actually dismissed a case for selective prosecution.

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Moreover, some of the quoted cases were entirely contrary to the narrative Trump’s lawyers attempted to establish. They even referenced “a D.C. Circuit opinion from then-Judge Kavanaugh, in which he offers one of the most full-throated defenses of prosecutorial discretion I’ve ever seen!” Hessick remarked incredulously.

Concluding her analysis, Hessick emphasized the exceptionally poor quality of Trump’s legal defense, stating, “Even though the expectations for Trump legal arguments are already super low … this motion is embarrassingly awful and should clearly be denied under current law.”

The legal blunder and subsequent expert critique have set social media platforms ablaze, with users expressing outrage and disbelief at the apparent incompetence of Trump’s legal team. The incident has become a viral sensation, with hashtags and memes mocking the filing circulating widely.

As public opinion continues to condemn this latest legal strategy, the scrutiny on Trump’s defense intensifies, leaving many to wonder about the implications of such a flawed approach in the face of serious legal challenges. Stay tuned for further updates as this story develops.

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