Especially during the dark days in winter, many people quickly get winter depression, which can usually be felt in autumn. In Scandinavia, light showers, which are also known as daylight lamps, have long been used against winter depression and have proven to be very successful, in addition they give the user a feeling of wellness and luxury in their own four walls. Another advantage of using a light shower is that certain sleep disorders that occur when there is a time difference are reduced.

A good light shower has a light intensity of 2500 lux, does not flicker and always shines evenly and since the special protective layer consists of frosted glass, the UV radiation is emitted very brightly, but you are not blinded during use. In order to achieve an optimal result and to get the winter depression under control, it is recommended to spend at least half an hour to two hours before the light showers every day, preferably in the morning and over a period of 4 weeks.

If the light shower is to be used against sleep disorders, the application should be continued until the symptoms have completely disappeared. Do not worry, improvement usually occurs after two weeks. However, if the light shower is supposed to help with a time difference, such as a night shift, the radiation should take place immediately after the night shift in order to still get a restful sleep.

Depending on how intensive the treatment should be, the closer it is to sit to the light shower. The UV rays emitted by a light shower are completely harmless and so they are suitable for anyone who wants to actively do something against their winter depression or sleep disorders without having to resort to medication. All activities can also be carried out normally during treatment with a light shower.

Health insurance companies do not cover the costs of this little feel-good magic lamp, but it can now be bought relatively cheaply by mail order.

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