Lincoln Project co-founder: In response to queries about the president’s age, Biden’s campaign is in a “death spiral”

Anjali Jain
Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt claimed the Biden administration had started the week in a "death spiral." Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Nathan Howard/Getty Images

Steve Schmidt, co-founder of the Lincoln Project, issued a severe warning on Monday regarding the re-election prospects of President Biden, claiming that his campaign is in a “death spiral” with less than nine months until the 2024 election.
Schmidt criticized the Democratic Party in a Substack post titled “There will be no excuse for surprises this time,” stating that the overwhelming majority would rather wait in line, smile, and remain in line than reveal the truth about Biden to the American public.
Furthermore, he deemed “irrational” the claim that Biden is the most formidable contender capable of unseating former President Donald Trump.

“The reality is that the Biden campaign is in a death spiral heading into this week.” Schmidt stated, “This is the gravest predicament an incumbent president has encountered this far from an election since 1968, when Lyndon Johnson declared his intention to withdraw from the race in March.”
A week ago, Biden responded to concerns raised in Robert Hur’s Special Counsel Report regarding his memory and mental acuity at an emergency press conference. Following his affirmation that his recollection was “perfect,” Biden proceeded to designate Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, the president of Egypt, as the “president of Mexico.”
The press conference was disapproved of by the media, including The New York Times, which referred to it as a “political catastrophe.” The subsequent denials of the White House regarding Biden’s suitability for office failed to allay the concerns expressed by the media.
Schmidt stated that the White House’s response to the Hur report has evolved since Biden’s press conference from “shocking, inept, lost, and utterly incompetent” to “completely incompetent.”
“The White House staff is belligerent and angry at the overwhelming majority of the country that has a worry about the president’s age,” according to him.
According to the co-founder of The Lincoln Project, the Biden campaign has adopted “arrogance as a virtue” and chosen to “stifle reality” by expressing “delusions as grand as those of a malevolent narcissist who cannot believe he lost an election” rather than adequately addressing voter concerns.
“What are the collective eyeswitnesses observing?” Are we not witnessing a monumental display of egotism that is detrimental to the nation? Do we not recognize the aspiration of a minority who are determined to maintain power regardless of the cost? In any case, what is the risk? What is the price? “What is the risk?” inquired Schmidt.
Schmidt afterwards criticized Biden’s social media post during the Super Bowl, comparing it to a “AI-generated smear” or a “promotion for an assisted living facility with meager amenities.” Schmidt further opined that the president’s refusal to grant an interview with CBS News prior to the crucial contest was a “huge error.”
Biden has made a habit of declining the customary pre-Super Bowl interview for the second consecutive year. Since CBS’s “60 Minutes” on October 15, Biden has not participated in a formal interview with a journalist.
267 days remain until the upcoming election day. It is unacceptable to pretend that everything is normal while neglecting what is obvious. “There is simply too much danger,” Schmidt continued. In the coming weeks, the likelihood of an open Democratic convention may increase substantially. A name that warrants recognition is that of Governor Wes Moore. The current circumstances hold great promise for the Democratic Party, as a victory would ensure the survival of both the party and the nation. No alternative exists.”

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