Are you bored? Here’s a list of best websites that you could enjoy browsing


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With the help of the internet, you do anything which you never think. Yes, the Internet is a big world where each and every stuff available where you enjoy a lot. Various enjoyment websites are available with different category but here we mentioned top-rated websites. 

These web platforms are a great way to avoid boredom and keep you entertained anywhere. All these fun websites will keep you entertained on the Internet for hours.  At this moment’s people are using online known social platforms like Facebook Omegle, Linkedin, Coomeet, Instagram, and more. But on the internet still, a lot of platforms that you should know. So, without wasting time, let’s focus on the best websites.

Reddit: Best websites #1

Reddit is a site that you likely have heard of if you spend much time online. Reddit is both a community as well as a news and social media site that encourages people to vote. It is the second most popular site in America and is also the 19th best site generally according to Alexa.

Hacker Typing

If you would like to type on a computer then it’s the best website for timepass. You can press any of the keywords keys and it’s writing auto that looks like a hacking display. So, just search google for this keyword and go to any top 5 websites of search results.

Online Random Video chat Platform

Until now, you have only been video chatting or communicating with a well-known person on a popular website. But there are many platforms on the internet where you can do random video chatting with a stranger like Ome tv, Omegle, Chatroulette, Coomet, Dirtyroulette, Ome-i, and more.

Online .IO games: Best websites #2

There are many such websites available on the internet because many people like to play video games. Where you can play online games known as .IO Games. 

You can search on google. online games so many websites will come out of which you have to go to any of the top five websites and play video games. Video games are a very important platform for enjoyment where your time is spent and your brain is also refreshed.

Wiki How and Quora: Best websites for knowledge Sharing

If your time is not passing and you are thinking that I should increase some knowledge and do general knowledge in me. So for her, Wiki how and Quora are both websites where you can find answers to any questions you may have. 

And if that question is not answered then you can ask any question and people will give you the answer. So with the help of these two websites, you can complete a lot of your general knowledge. Almost all the answers you need are available here. Just type on google quora and WIki how and go to the first official website.

Age Calculator

You may have heard of simple calculators and scientific calculators but if you are given your age then the Age calculator is available on the internet which makes many websites. So, calculate your age with proper years, months, days, times with the help of the Age calculator.

Last Words: About Best Websites

So here is the end of the article. We have written six platforms here. Where you can have a lot of fun and spend your time. So now you don’t have to worry about boredom just search on google and have fun.


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