Lockdown Mode: pajamas are the new jeans


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For many people the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown have completely changed the way they dress. Oversized boyfriend T-shirt are now preferred to be worn instead of blouse and shirt and classic jeans have been replaced by pyjamas. It is quite conceivable that this development will also have a lasting impact on post-pandemic fashion.

The pajamas as a fashion statement
In the past, many designers have tried to establish pajamas as a fashion statement away from the bedroom. However, this has hardly worked so far. Due to the ongoing lockdowns across Europe, however, this request is getting a new impetus. Quite a few people have recently been spending their working days in striped satin pajamas in front of their laptops and seem not to want to take them off since the lockdown. With proper care of your pajamas – no problem

Comfort is the new trend
. The fact is: the baggy look has mutated into a bestseller in times of Corona. Many have locked the trendy fashion firmly in their closets and instead have taken out the colorfully printed sets made of cotton. Granted, the parts are really comfortable and in times like these, when telephone conferences take place alongside housework and tutoring for the little ones, convenience is the top priority for many. You could even say that pajamas have become the new work uniform since the pandemic.

Big fashion labels jump on the
bandwagon The big names in the fashion business have also recognized that good money can be made with comfortable and cozy pajamas these days. At the end of last year, for example, the Dior label launched its own collection of loungewear called Dior Chez Moi. The Italian label Fendi jumped on the bandwagon and brought out a men’s collection with pajama-like trousers and jackets that look more like sleeping than winter coats.

How to combine the pajamas correctly
Some have become so used to the baggy look that after the lockdown it may be a challenge to break away from the comfort and slip back into the uncomfortable business outfit. But if New York fashion expert Roopal Patel has its way, it is not necessary. When combined correctly, the pajamas can also be worn outside of your own four walls. According to Roopal Patel, this looks particularly elegant with a blazer and heels. But even if the pajamas do not catch on on the street, if the situation allows it again at some point, we will at least be well prepared for a successful pajama party

Athflow: a combination of athleisure and elegance
The trend towards comfort also fits in with the general trend that accompanied us in 2021: Athflow. With Athflow a combination of athleisure and elegance is meant. This means that the clothes are cozy but also chic at the same time. This trend is characterized by loose-fitting trousers and large oversized shirts. Comfortable and soft materials such as cotton and wool are often used for this.

With all the trend towards comfort, however, one golden rule should not be overlooked. To put it in the words of Mariela Rovito, co-founder of the Eberjey label: “You can’t wear pajamas and have no hair. That’s not a good combination! “

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