Lose weight quickly: With these 8 tips women have it easier!


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Overview: Lose weight quickly

Do you want to lose weight quickly? It’s great that you made the decision to shed extra pounds. You will see: As soon as you have achieved this and have reached your personal desired and comfortable weight, you will not only be proud of yourself, you will also become more self-confident and productive.
We would like to give you a few tips that deviate from the usual tips “eat less, do more exercise” and we hope you are sure to be able to support you optimally!


Classic 1: Eat less. We say: Yes, of course – but with a diary

Have you tried to get rid of your excess pounds before? If so, then you know that there is only one thing that will help you lose weight quickly. And that is – of course – eat less. To find out how much you are allowed to eat and how much you actually eat, it is first necessary to take stock of your physical requirements. In other words: Determine your BMI and how many calories you are now consuming. Then you determine how many calories you can consume in order to lose weight quickly.

That sounds easy – it is too! You will find numerous websites on the Internet that explain to you what the BMI is and how to determine it, you can find out what basal metabolic rate and what performance metabolic rate is, and which levers you can turn to reduce and maintain your weight.
Of course, at this point you shouldn’t miss out on a few foods that contain a lot of calories, but don’t fill you up. You should banish these foods from your life or only enjoy them in moderation: fast food, cream sauces, sweets, cakes, white bread, alcohol. But what is good, healthy and low in calories: Fruits, vegetables, whole grain products.


Classic 2: More movement

The second classic is movement. You can increase your performance through exercise and thus either eat more or lose weight faster. Of course, the statement is not only true, it has also been proven in numerous studies. And because that’s the case, you should start exercising and your best bet is to build a little more muscle mass. We’re not talking about becoming a bodybuilder, but when you have a little more muscle, you burn calories faster and your basal metabolic rate increases. And just since last year, providers like Gorilla Sports have even more focused on developing professional training equipment at affordable prices for your own little fitness corner at home. Building your own small home gym is not as expensive as you might think.

It is important that you find a sport that suits you and that you enjoy doing. If you absolutely don’t feel like jogging, you probably won’t be able to throw yourself into your running gear two or three times a week and start running. However, if you find a sport that you enjoy doing, it will be easier for you.

Feel free to try one or the other, you will surely find a sport that you like and that you can integrate into your everyday life. It doesn’t even have to be something really sweaty. Regular walking or a moderate yoga program is sufficient in the beginning. If you build up your stamina first, the desire for sport will come naturally!

Get as specific as possible and set yourself realistic goals

Your decision to lose weight is made. Now it is a matter of defining the exact goals and working out a plan for how you can achieve your goal.
If you stay too imprecise, failure is almost certain. “I would have to lose 10 kg!” Or “Size 34 would be great!” Are neither precise nor realistically achievable goals.
Specifically, it would be to set a target weight or a number of kilograms that you want to lose.

Realistic mainly refers to the period. Here are a few frank words: You cannot lose weight quickly while sleeping, or on the side, or turbo-fast – anyone who wants to lose weight quickly needs time and patience.
Since setting a concrete and realistic goal has a very decisive advantage. Once you have defined the goal, it will be extremely difficult for you to deviate from the goal.

Remember another goal that you set yourself at some point in your life – the more specific you had set it (e.g. reaching a certain grade on your school leaving certificate), the more you tried hard to actually achieve this goal. That’s right, is it not?
It works the same way when losing weight – feel free to try it out.

Look for reinforcements

Do you live with a partner or your family? It is important that your environment supports your desire to lose weight quickly and supports you optimally.
Your partner eats chips in front of the TV and you keep reaching into the bag even though you don’t want to? Does your family love fast food and enjoy it several times a week? It would be of great help if your immediate environment would give up cherished habits for the duration of your diet. If your partner and family are not ready, try to circumnavigate the cliffs by filling yourself up before the trip to the fast food restaurant or by taking a healthy snack with you in front of the TV.

Your opponent can also be your refrigerator or the pantry. If your refrigerator / pantry is full of things that you shouldn’t eat during your weight loss phase, but that you love, the refrigerator / pantry becomes your opponent. You make both of them your allies when you stock them with foods that you can easily eat.
By the way: You often read that you should hang a picture of yourself on the fridge “as a deterrent”. It is more effective to hang up a picture that shows you how you would like to be!

You can also make your wardrobe an ally for. Equip it with cool outfits for your favorite sport and you will see: You are more likely to pull out a cheerful T-shirt and cool pants (we play sports) than the stained, out-of-fashion patch that you call a sports shirt …

Let yourself be coached

With a weight loss or health coach at your side, you will succeed in losing weight better and more sustainably than if you try to reduce your weight on your own.
There are now many weight loss and health coaches who offer their services for relatively little money via online courses.

What exactly does a weight loss or health coach do? Coaches support you on your way to change. A good coach will not tell you or explain to you how calorie counting works or which foods you should eat when – as a diet professional you already know that. A coach will help you to recognize why you currently do not have your desired weight and what you can change internally – i.e. mentally – in order to stay on the ball in the long term. Coaches basically push you “in the right direction” and help you to help yourself.

Reward intermediate steps

Have you reached the first intermediate goal on the way to your desired weight? That’s great – we say “Congratulations!”
You have passed a time that was definitely not always easy. It is all the more important that you do something good for yourself. Reward yourself for what you have achieved.
A reward does not necessarily have to be something material, a reward can also be a long walk, an activity with your best friend or a long bath including a new scent. Whatever it is – make it clear to yourself that exactly this reward is only intended for you and the achievement of your milestone.

A reward can also be consciously wearing an item of clothing that finally fits again. Wear the pants or blouse with pride and enjoy the fact that you fit in again. Perhaps you would also like to buy a new item of clothing one size smaller?

Are you looking for a suitable diet? Be critical!

Diets are a dime a dozen. Each one promises quick weight loss without any appreciable exertion. If you are on a diet, you know all the diets.
Of course there is nothing wrong with changing your diet and diet. They all keep what they promise – provided that you keep what they say.

And this is often where the problem lies. Many concepts are so complicated that just understanding the many instructions makes perseverance unlikely. In some diets, for example, certain foods may only be eaten at certain times of the day, while others omit foods of one or the other food group entirely. As I said – it all works, and if one or the other type of nutrition suits you and your lifestyle, there is nothing wrong with it.
Most of the time it doesn’t fit. Anyone who works in shifts cannot go without food after 6 p.m. Anyone who would die for a serving of spaghetti cannot do without pasta from today to tomorrow.
It is important that you choose the one that really is in the broad field of dietssuits you. Here are a few guidelines:

  • Do you love pasta, rice and potatoes? Then don’t go for a low carb diet. Low carb diets rely on leaving out carbohydrates. That’s not really your thing
  • Are you a vegetarian? Leave the fingers of Atkins & Co, because the focus here is on the consumption of animal fats
  • Do you have a job without fixed working hours or your life is rather irregular for other reasons? Then diets and diets based on omitting whole meals are out of the question for you
  • Don’t you like to cook? Or you don’t have a lot of time? Then you will not be happy with all the diets that demand top performance from you in the kitchen

Losing weight quickly is not difficult, but maintaining weight is great

Have you arrived at your destination? Wow – that’s great!
Now it’s about keeping the new weight. You probably guessed it – if you eat the same way as you did before you lost weight, you will feed on the lost pounds. You can lose weight quickly by following above steps.

This can happen very quickly, depending on how long and how often you have tried to keep a diet. This is due to the yo-yo effect: Your metabolism has adjusted to smaller quantities and, now that you are eating “normally” again, you need to store all the calories you eat faster.

To prevent this from happening, you should stick to your new and trained nutritional concept even after your successful diet. Of course, you can now consume more calories than in your weight loss phase.

Do some research again to see how many calories that is. Perhaps you also managed to do sport regularly in your weight loss phase and sport has now become an integral part of your everyday life? Perfect – from now on you can also convert the additional “generated” calories into additional calories in full.

Raushan Kumar
A Cook, Software analyst & Blogger.


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