Major Pollster: Joe Biden’s Chances vs. Donald Trump Are “Slim at Best”

Anjali Jain
Donald Trump (L) and Joe Biden squaring off during the first presidential debate at the Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio on September 29, 2020. A top polling group has described Biden's chances of returning to the White House as "slim at best.”

An electoral firm that accurately forecasted the 2020 presidential election results has predicted that incumbent President Joe Biden will have difficulty re-electing.
The Presidential Leadership Index, which is an initiative of Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) and TIPP Insights, has identified Biden as exhibiting “significant” vulnerability in eighteen crucial demographics as the election approaches in November. This represents an increase from the five vulnerabilities identified in November.
The results serve as an additional cautionary tale regarding Biden’s prospects of triumphing in the upcoming general election, most likely against Republican Donald Trump. Biden’s dismal polling and approval ratings, along with Republican and Democratic voter suggestions that he is too elderly to run for office again, have long been sources of concern.

Voters’ perceptions of a president are assessed by the Presidential Leadership Index using three metrics: favorability, job approval, and leadership. The outcomes are assessed over a span of three months and contrasted with the president’s mean performance throughout his tenure in order to ascertain whether a president is accumulating or losing ground with crucial demographic groups.
According to the most recent Presidential Leadership Index, 18 groups—including young adults aged 18 to 24 and white men and women, independent and moderate voters, and young adults, are currently providing “significant” negative momentum for Biden. Biden is unlikely to receive support from conservatives and Republicans, who comprise two of the eighteen demographic groups.
In addition, Biden is currently experiencing “considerable” negative momentum among nine demographic groups, including those with college degrees or higher, suburban and rural voters, Black and Hispanic voters, and those with college degrees or higher, according to the Presidential Leadership Index.
“According to our analysis of momentum, Biden’s standing among Americans has notably declined over the last three months. “He encounters resistance from a wide range of Americans,” wrote the editorial board of TIPP Insights.
“If Biden is the Democratic Party’s candidate, the incumbency does not work to his advantage, and the chances of returning to the White House look slim at best.”
The White House has been contacted via email for comment.
The accuracy of the IBD/TIPP poll for the previous election was deemed optimal by The Washington Post in November 2020. The poll predicted that Biden would secure the popular vote over Trump by a margin of four percent. Biden led the national popular vote by 3.8% at the time and would ultimately secure a victory by 4.5% on account of the unprecedented turnout.
Based on the national polling average of FiveThirtyEight, Biden presently holds an approval rating of 38.7 percent. This figure is comparatively lower than the approval rating that Trump exhibited at the corresponding juncture of his solitary tenure in office (43.1 percent).
A separate source reported that the publication of Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report into the president’s management of classified documents from the Obama administration has diminished Biden’s chances of winning the 2024 election.
Biden was not warranted criminal charges, according to Hur; however, the report criticized his cognitive ability harshly, implying that his memory was “significantly limited.”
Betfair has subsequently decreased the odds of Biden being re-elected from 2/1 to 14/5.
Betfair spokesperson Sam Rosbottom told Newsweek, “Biden has been a fairly significant drifter in the Election Winner market, but this report, compounded by another memory lapse, is causing punters to view Trump as the safer bet with their money.”

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