14 Asteroids are heading towards Earth in the next three days.

2022SY2 was found on September 19, 2022. It belongs to the Apollo Group. The size of the 2022 SY2 approximates between 34m-77m. It is not a threat to Earth.

It takes Light 24 seconds to travel 7.31 million kilometers from 2022 SY2 in order to get from it to Earth. 

 Asteroid 20202 SY2 will pass us on the 27th at 7.21 million kilometers, flying at a speed o 66800 km/h or 13km/s.

According to estimates, the asteroid 20022 SE2 is between 30m and 66m large. The asteroid lies at 9.88 millions kilometers

 from Earth. It poses no threat and will fly by us on September 27th, at a speed 56800km per hour (13 km per second).

This Near Earth Object from the Apollo group will fly by Earth on the 28th of April at 6.89million kilometers. Light travels 24 seconds from 2022 ST3 to Earth. 

This makes it non-hazardous. Asteroid 2022ST3 will fly at an average speed of 64800 km/hour, or 18 km per minute.