2023 BMW M2 G87 Continues with Side Profile Photos

Although the new M2 won’t be released until October 11, it seems like someone close at BMW decided to make the teaser campaign completely useless by publishing 

full-length images of this sports coupe. The G87 was seen in its front and back last night. Now we are able to view the G87's side profile

 Like the previous images of the G87, the paint color used is Zandvoort Blue. (C6E). This is a pale, solid blue shade that reminds us of the 2012 Hommage concept.

This is the pre-production prototype of the 2023 model 2, which will be featured in the official press images. BMW says that they will transfer the

19-inch front and 20-inch rear black wheels from the M4 to this car. It also has the same braking system as its big brother.

Despite the poor image quality, it's easy to see that M2 is wider than M240i. This is thanks to the fender flares. Only made in Mexico at San Luis Potosi Plant, this last series production M car has

an ICE setup. This vehicle is missing the 50 year anniversary emblems. It is easy to see a small spoiler in the trunk lid, and it appears that the interior is black.