7 Best Places to Visit in Bangalore That Will Make You Fall in Love

Bangalore is often called India's Silicon Valley. This city is famous for its wonderful Touriest Attrections.


Devanahalli Fort

Devanahalli Fort lies to the north of Bangalore in Karnataka. Malla Byre Gowda from Avathi was a Vijayanagara empire sultan who built a mudfort at Devanadoddi during 1501.


Jaanapada Loka

H. L. Nage Gowda - a civil servant turned folklorist and retired administrator - had the idea of establishing a museum in Karnataka to exhibit its rich folk art and culture.


Innovative Film City

The Indian movie theme park, called Innovative Film City Bengaluru, can be found in Bidadi just 40 kilometers from the city.

Commercial Street

A variety of shops and brands sell a wide selection of goods on Bangalore's Central Business District's Commercial Street.



Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park is a top choice amongst all the places you can visit in Bangalore. This delightful park is 300 acres in size and was designed by Richard Sankey (the Chief Engineer of Mysore).


Nandi Hills

Many people think about fun places to see in bangalore when they think of Revv self-drive car hire. Nandi Hills is definitely on their list!


Chola Temples

The Chola Dynasty was the ruler of this region of Southern India for a very long time. Many temples were built by Chola kings which are architectural masterpieces.