apple macbook pro tips and tricks

 Quick Look

Quick Look is a very popular feature on my Mac. It allows you to quickly look at the contents of any file, without ever opening it.

Simply select your file, tap the space bar and perform the quick glance action. You can

choose a PDF to scan the content quickly without having to open it. However, this feature is not without its limitations.

Quick Look's preview can vary depending on the file being viewed. Quick Look allows you to view the entire contents of the file.

You will only see the file's contents if it's a document or an image. It will become very helpful once you discover where Quick look is useful and what it isn't.

This is a very simple Mac tip that will help you save time. To delete an item on your Mac you can either drag it to the Trash from your dock ..

Trash Files in Seconds

These things can be done quickly and easily with a keyboard shortcut. To quickly trash a file click on it, then hit the "+Deleteā€ keyboard keypad shortcut. It will move to Trash