asus tuf dash 15 tips and tricks

How to delete (remove/clean), email, Google account, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and Vudu accounts; cookies.

novice users

These are some of the most popular games that you can run on TUF dash F15 gaming: Valorant and Resident Evil 3, Borderlands 3 and Warframe.

Windows 10, 7 laptop

Secret hacks

How to reset your Asus laptop's factory settings using BIOS without a disk or password.

 TUF Dash F15 Gaming

How to make your computer play more games, faster, not overheat and not lag.

Cool tricks for Asus laptop

How to get the cursor back, more storage and get past password. Get apps; get sound back. Get keyboard, touchpad, microphone, and virus protection.

How to connect wireless keyboard, mouse, or printer to XBox One or 360 controllers, bluetooth speakers, headphones (airpods), tablet or smartphone, projector to laptop.

This data is applicable to the following models : fx516pe–hn004, and fx516pm–hn086, fx516pr–az107ts; fx516pe–hn083ts; fx516pm–hn024ts; fx516pm–hn090ts; fx516pm–hn025ts; fx516pm–hn015tstststs,