Biden's nuclear 'Armageddon' warning raises questions about deterring Putin

President Joe Biden spoke out about nuclear "Armageddon", a warning that Russia's war against Ukraine could escalate before major donors. This raised more questions about America's resolve.


Biden said that "we haven't faced the prospect of Armageddon" since Kennedy and Cuba's missile crisis. He spoke to Democrats at the New York house of investor James Murdoch

 Biden said President Vladimir Putin was trying to escape defeat by using a tactical nuke weapon as Russia continues its losses.

The president's dreadful statement caused shock waves all over the world and appeared beyond the current U.S. intelligence assessment.

"Russia's talk that it would use nuclear weapons is reckless, and there's no way for them to be used without unintended consequences.

It won't happen," Biden said. She stated that the Cuban missile crises had taught us one thing: to reduce nuclear risk and not glorify it.

Jake Sullivan, White House national safety adviser, said that they had already communicated that information to the Russians in September.