BMW Z4 debuts with exterior refresh

The 2023 BMW Z4 is available for purchase in the UK this November. You should also know the differences between the new model and the old version.

 While not much has been changed, there are some significant visual changes to the roadster that will ensure it stays fresh for

the next two or three years. While the Z4 could be discontinued by 2025, it is still available in a revised and attractive form.

The front fascia is the place where most visual tweaks can easily be detected. The headlights remain the same, but almost everything else has changed.

The hexagonal pattern of the grilles has been changed to make them look larger. However, in reality, they are still the same size.

Although their form has changed, the position of fog lamps has remained unchanged. The additional lights have been surrounded by new-looking bezels.

M Shadowline lighting, available as an upgrade to the adaptive LED headlights (optional) for the 2023 model-year, is making its debut.