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Brahmastra Part One – Shiva 2022 Shiva (Ranbir Kapoor) is a DJ who has a cosmic connection to fire.

Brahmastra Part One

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Shiva, a DJ, learns of his strange connection with the element of fire, and also possesses the power to awaken the Brahmastra, a supernatural weapon said to be capable of destroying the.......

One of the most talked about and much awaited films of Hindi film industry Brahmāstra: Part One – Shiva is now finally ready for release after a long wait.

Brahmastra Part One Movie has been released worldwide on September 09, 2022 at 09:00 am IST. On the other hand, if you have a subscription to Theaters, then you can watch it by streaming it online.

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Let us now know what is the complete cast of Brahmastra Part One Movie. If you are in search of Brahmastra Movie Cast, then you have come to the right place.

The weapons include earth, water, air and animal forces. The final Brahmastra is divided into three parts, each set aside to protect the world.

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