Broncos WR KJ Hanler said that he could have walked in the Colts' last play

 In one of the most wild games ever, the Indianapolis Colts won a game that saw them sleepwalk through three quarters.

 Then they awoke in overtime to win a 12-9 win against the Denver Broncos. According to Elias Sports Bureau research 

the NFL record seven combined field goals in games in which neither team scored by field goal is seven.

Stephon Gilmore was named 2019 Defensive Play of the Year. His two most notable plays were an interception and a pass deflection of Russell Wilson that rewarded the Colts' faith by signing him.

Although the Colts made a lot of changes to their offensive lineup, they didn't make any significant improvements in the game.

The Colts allowed constant penetration but failed to make holes in the running attack. Matt Ryan was tackled six times. This gave him 21 sacks for this season

The Colts entered this game at 27th place in ESPN's pass blocking win rate metric. It's difficult for us to believe they will improve much once Week 5 is over.

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