Burjeel Holdings ADX listed IPO to Open on Sept 30

Burjeel Holdings, a leading provider of regional private health services in Oman (UAE), announced Saturday its intention to list on Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange.

According to the prospectus issued, the offered shares are about 550.7 millions. That's 11% of the company. VPS Healthcare Holdings, 

who owns 79.8 percentage of Burjeel's shares, will offer 350.3million shares. It is possible to recall that International Holding Co. had purchased a 15% stake Burjeel earlier in the week.

The prospectus outlines that the First Tranche, Second Tranche and Second Tranche offer periods will begin on September 30, 2022. They will then close on October 4, 20,22

Burjeel will make the final price announcement on October 5, while the shares are scheduled to be listed in Abu Dhabi around October 10, according the prospectus.

Burjeel Holdings operates a network of 39 hospitals as well as medical centres in Abu Dhabi. They have an inpatient market share approximately 17%,

 and a outpatient market share approximately 12%. Burjeel Holdings was established in 2007 and will soon expand to Saudi Arabia.