Father and son film a UFO over the California Desert

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It disappeared and reappeared

It's important to remember when talking about UFOs that it is not always a question about aliens from outer space. UFO literally means "unidentified flight object."

The term is actually changing and many people prefer to use the term "unidentified air phenomena" (UAP) to describe these strange things in the sky.

The video has been zoomed in so that only a ball of light is visible. It's impossible to determine if this is an aircraft, a saucer or a balloon.

The object also displayed unusual behavior such as "winking out" of existence multiple times.

According to the man who took the video, he started filming after his son saw the thing in the sky appear and disappear in different places.

Father and Son Film a UFO Over the California Desert

This could be an indicator of trans-medium movement  and the mysterious "instant acceleration" observed by military pilots during encounters with UAPs.

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