GTA 6 leaks are quite common and people need to be calm

Rockstar's newest creation "Grand Theft Auto 6" was leaked last week. Gamers all around the world created videos, posts, or other content about the new title.

 This is because the U.S. government does a sweat every time Rockstar's name comes up. Many of the comments simply

discussed the leak. Some speculated that Vice City would be the new setting, an old locale from the classic "Grand Theft Auto", games.

The discussions were based solely on the images, casting doubts on the game's quality. It's very basic and does not appear to have

any fully developed features. The game's lighting is particularly impressive and gives the impression it is still in development.

Some people complain that the model work is not finished and sloppy. Even though the game is not yet complete, some people feel it already looks like a disaster.

 For this type post, you can use any social media platform. They were first apparent to me in Reddit threads concerning leaks and early game content.