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House of the Dragon


House of the Dragon 2022, an American fantasy drama television show, is a prequel series to Game of Thrones (2011-2019).

House of the Dragon

The show opens on a high note with Daenerys, Daenerys, Mad Queen and Mother of Dragons. She succumbed to her ego, lust for power, and the show starts off in a perfect way.

House Of The Dragon features a stellar cast of performances, but its attempts to take over Game of Thrones’ remarkable legacy quickly falls apart.

You can view the full House Of The Dragon Series online. This film shows that Indian audiences have matured and that they want authentic stories, not false stories.

House Of The Dragon will be available on Disney+ Hotstar on August 21. This is the first of a possible series that will spin off high-fiction series about kings and palaces and dragons.

House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 1 was released worldwide on August 21, 2022, 09:00 IST. If you subscribe to Disney + Hotstar, you can stream it online.

Game of Thrones fans have spent nearly a decade of life in the TV series. They are familiar with the Targaryens stories and feel a deep connection to the family.