How to find & edit wp-config.php file in WordPress?

The WordPress website would not function without wp_config.php. This file is essential to connect WordPress to its database. It contains information such as WordPress settings, themes

Step 1: Select the file and click on download.

How to Find & Access wp-config.php?

Step 2: Open it in a text editor like Notepad. Here, you’ll be able to edit it. To edit the file, simply make the changes you require.

How to Find & Access wp-config.php?

Step 3: Save the changes.Then, head back to the File Manager and upload it to the public_html folder. You can just overwrite the old file.

How to Find & Access wp-config.php?

When you install WordPress, the wp-config.php file will not be included. Based on information provided by user, the WordPress setup creates a WordPress-config.php.

You can’t edit your wp-config.php file if you haven’t created one yet! If for some reason, you’re unable to create the wp-config.php file during WordPress setup

Creating the wp-config.php file manually

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