interesting facts about mukesh ambani

It's hard to believe that this name has not been heard of. Mukesh Ambani owns India's most important company, Reliance Industries.

He Wasn’t Born in India

Yes, that's true. While most people believe that Mukesh was born in India and his family moved to Mumbai, it is not true.

He Is the Owner of an Armored BMW760i

His security is important as he is India’s richest man. He owns an armored BMW car that is worth $1.4million.

He Would Like To Be A Teacher

Mukesh confessed during an event that he wanted a career as a teacher after his father had taken him into the family business.

He Owns The Most Expensive Residence In The World

Antilia, MukeshAmbani's residence, is the most costly in the entire world. It's a 27-story structure that cost Mukesh around $1Billion.

First Person In India To Buy A Maybach 62

He also had many other valuable and costly assets. However, he was the first person in India to have a Maybach 1962.

He Is A Vegetarian

The Ambani family practices strict vegetarianism. He has also banned all non-vegetarian items from his shop to promote vegetarian food.

He Wed arrange

Nita, Mukesh Ambani’s wife, was an Indian classical dancer. Mukesh's parents first saw her perform in an opera and chose her.