iPhone 13 pro max

           tips and tricks

Siri will Delete All Alarms

Open the Clock App from your home screen. Siri will be activated when you say "Hey Siri!" Siri will respond by saying, "delete my alarms." By tapping Yes, confirm.

 Turn Text Bold in Settings

Open the Settings app. Scroll down for Display & Brightness Toggle Bold Text, until the dial turns red.
This will make bolder typefaces and be more noticeable to the eye.

Shake to Undo Typing

For those times when you mistype something in Messages or on any other word processing app, the backspace key is no longer necessary.

Download iOS Updates via 5G

Open Settings, then select Cellular. Tap on Data Mode and choose Allow More Data for 5G.

Using Night Mode on Cameras

Night Mode on all iPhone cameras captures breathtaking images that will blow away professional photographs

Capturing videos in stunning quality

Phone 13 also allows you to shoot 4K 60fps DolbyVision videos, and then edit them right from your iPhone.

The iOS 15 software updates and iPhone 13 bring new features to the Photos App. The metadata of any image and video that you have stored on your iPhone is now available.