lg velvet 5g g900um tips and tricks

Heating Problem in LG Velvet 5G

Heating is not recommended when you are doing the following on your smartphone. You can read the tips to help minimize heating.


Your phone will heat up while gaming. It is normal. Take small breaks to allow your LG Velvet5G cooling down.

Bulky Cases

Get rid of the Bulky Cover. Your device may not be protected from falls if it has a Bulky Case. Thicker corners make the best cases.

Buggy Apps

Be sure to only install apps from highly-respected developers.

Your smartphone may overheat if you use buggy apps. Reinstall apps to correct the overheating issue.

If your phone is not used for a while, the camera will drain your battery fast. Your phone also gets overheated.


Video Recording

If you use the flash on, the flash will heat LG Velvet5G and drain your battery quicker. It is best to turn off the flash when it isn't needed.


Resource Hungry

The LG Velvet 5G will heat up if you do anything resource-hungry. Editing videos, streaming, screen mirroring, and WiFi-Hotspot are some of the most resource-intensive tasks.