macbook pro tips and tricks

Before macOS Sierra was released in 2016, the Mac was already capable of listening to 

 Talk to and listen to your Mac!

To summon Siri on your iPhone, hold down Command and Space and then click the Siri button from the Dock or Menu Bar. 

Or, if you're using a 2018 MacBook Pro or a different Mac, you can just say "Hey Siri". Plus, Siri this version is more versatile.

iri on macOS Mojave & Catalina cSan not only answer the usual questions, such as the weather and who is playing in the playoffs, 

but it can also toggle system functions like Bluetooth or Wi Fi. Siri can even pull up individual files 

that are stored on the system based upon what you tell Siri about that file. Siri can even launch applications for you.