MacBook Pro Tips and Tricks

 Show Menu Bar Even in Full-screen Mode

The new MacBook Pro's extra vertical space means that the Menu Bar doesn't take up any unnecessary space.

The default behavior of full-screen mode is that the Menu Bar disappears when you use an app.

MacOS makes it possible to show the Menu bar even when you have your apps in full-screen mode.

To enable this, go into System Preferences – Dock & Membar and deactivate the checkbox next "Automatically hide and display the menu bar in fullscreen" option. 

I would recommend that you enable both the hiding options if you're using an older MacBook Pro/MacBook Air 13-inch model.

 Access Emoji Keyboard

It's easy to call your mac's emoji keyboard if you love to use them. Click the keyboard combo Cmd+Ctrl+Space, 

and the emoji keypad will open. Scroll down to select the emoji you wish to use. You can also do a search to locate the one you desire.