MLB Wild Card Series - Takeaways from Day 1

The playoff field has expanded to 12 teams for 2022, and four of the best-of-three series, which began today, will determine which teams will advance in the American

 League Division Series. They will face either the Houston Astros (or the New York Yankees), or

the National League Division Series (versus the Atlanta Braves (or the Los Angeles Dodgers).

Friday's celebrations began with the Cleveland Guardians defeating the Tampa Bay Rays at-home. The Philadelphia Phillies made a remarkable

 late-game comeback against St. Louis Cardinals. The Seattle Mariners shut out Toronto Blue 

Jays and then the San Diego Padres score four home runs off Max Scherzer for a win over New York Mets.

That was it for the first game of 2022 MLB playoffs. This was the fastest AL postseason match ever. It's fitting that Game 1 between teams not known for their long ball