motorola edge tips and tricks


Your phone will heat up when you play games. It's normal. You can take short breaks to allow your Motorola Edge 20's temperature to drop.

Bulky Cases

You can get rid of your Bulky Case. The Bulky Case doesn't mean your device will be safe from falls. The thicker corners make for the best cases.

Extended Video Recording

The battery drains quickly when the camera is on for too long. It also heats up your phone.

Vetal Teti

If you use the flash on, the Motorola Edge 20 will heat faster and drain your battery. If it isn't necessary, switch off the flash.

You can heat your Motorola Edge 20, if you do anything resource-hungry. The most resource-intensive tasks include

Running anything Resource Hungry

 streaming, editing video, WiFi Hotspot, screen mirroring and screen-mirroring.

Firmware updates can resolve most problems. If there is an update available, I recommend you to check and update your Motorola edge 20.

Firmware Update