NASA cancels Tuesday moon launch owing to storm

NASA announced that Tuesday's plans of launching Artemis, the United States return to the moon, was being scrapped, citing concerns over a potential tropical storm heading towards Florida.

NASA, which has already canceled two launch attempts of the Artemis 1 mission rocket, is considering returning it to its assembly facility under extreme weather threats.

It said that NASA was cancelling a launch opportunity, and it is now preparing for rollback from the launchpad.

The US National Hurricane Center stated that Ian is expected "rapidly strengthen" over the weekend, as it moves toward Florida. Florida is where the Kennedy Space Center is located, 

 and the rocket is scheduled to launch from there. The center said that the storm was moving south of Jamaica and

would soon approach Florida's west coast at "or near major hurricane strength" in the early part of this week. This will cause flooding and storm surges across large swathes of the state.

The Space Launch System rocket is large and can withstand wind gusts as high as 137 kilometers per hour on its launchpad