Ned Fulmer is out of the Try Guys' group.

TOPLINE On Tuesday, the Try Guys, a group made up of YouTube content creators and executives, announced that Ned Fulmer would be leaving Buzzfeed

 Fulmer was an executive producer and a founding member. Fans speculated Fulmer had cheated upon his wife with an employee at the company.

The remaining three members of The Try Guys--Eugene Lee Yang Keith Habersberger and Zach Kornfeld-issued Tuesday's statement in which they announced

Fulmer's decision to stop working with The Try Guys after an internal review. They also stated that they could not see "a pathway forward together."

Fulmer made a separate statement and said that he had entered into a "consensual workplace relation" and apologized for his fans

7.8 million. This is the number of followers The Try Guys has on their main YouTube channel. Their content revolves around their members trying new things. 

The members of the group have recently tried their hand at stand-up, baking eclairs, or eating everything at a Las Vegas buffet.